He Who Ascends

by Semi Six

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Uh Lifestyles of the rich and famous More money more problems don’t forget the payments Lames can’t understand the layman Gold framin’ Ralph Lauren Cold wavin’ Dough Makin’ Astaghfirullah We don’t bring home bacon Prostratin’ Thankful for God’s greatness Black metallic 5s with the tied laces Lo down but I stay in high places Not anxious My breath got the wine fragrance Stop hatin’ My face in ya shrine hangin’ Me And bae is like Omar Epps n Sanna Lathan Home court advantage and we dominating Man We in the game while they commentating Uh Lifestyles of the rich and famous More money more problems don’t forget the payments Lames can’t understand the layman This the language Man we in the game while they commentating Uh Kaif Halik When they gossip Stay solid Plane mileage Play islands Saint Thomas Beautiful beaches White sand sun on the face We vacating ain’t no gun on the waist Thumb on the safe it open up Been sober for months Barley drinking liquour or smokin blunts Hundred dollar bills the only green I be rollin’ up Left hand steerin’ while the other hand hold the cup Pinky up Only Built 4 Cuban Linx CD bump Tired of the rappers ain’t no Red Bull gone keep me up Ball on them haters like I got a Young Jeezy cut And this don’t change Big boss like Rick Rozay uh Uh Lifestyles of the rich and famous More money more problems don’t forget the payments Lames can’t understand the layman This the language Man We in the game while they commentating
Uh Polo Sport on my hat and socks The Magnavox display Ray Allen splashin’ shots Salmon and yachts Accountants puttin’ cash in some stocks Advantages of handlin’ guap In back of mansions dancin’ to Pac I’m handsome so them cameras get shot The band of the watch is made from the back of a croc If rap was crack I’m dame dash gettin’ cash from the Roc And you just gettin’ 50 cent no Massacre drop Uh We go back like Ace and Mitch Back when they was slangin’ bricks And payin’ for the latest whips Like Nasir I got the fade with the waves in it And the frames is French Aventus Creed is my fragrance Like Deebo I’ll knock you out with amazing strength niggas faces pissed if its my team that they play against Ni***s is plagiarist they listen back and take ya shit Then be on some hatin' shit is this the fuckin’ thanks I get ? Uh And them broke ni***s know the vibes I’m on the grind going overtime Grind going overtime Uh And them broke ni***s know the vibes I’m on the grind going overtime Grind going overtime Uh And the leather on my sneaker is soft This is the difference from a leader and boss I smoke the streets like a Bimmer exhaust Niggas Is sick no fever and cough I’m tryna live near some beaches in lofts The type a crib you can’t enter til ya Adidas is off But keep em on if ya feet is some claws I’m talkin' Persian rugs Jewelry truck like Excursions with dubs Im number 6 like Julius Irving was and Rollin' up on rappers like they way that Hex Murder does We talkin 'cash so it’s hard to try and converse with us Unless you ni***s came with some interpreters But even then you won’t understand one word from us You heard enough Uh And them broke ni***s know the vibes I’m on the grind going overtime Grind going overtime Uh And them broke ni***s know the vibes I’m on the grind going overtime Grind going overtime
Uh These rap ni***s fakes and gimmicks I’m deadly like the plagues in Kemet N***** praise the image At greater grace God gave forgiveness I’m like Popeye wit a plate a spinach After grace was given Dennis Coles when his face is hidden Ya taste in women is the taste of chitlen Ni*** my taste is different Mo money mo problems like Mase was spittin' I’m Bad Boy like Jordan when he faced the Pistons These ni***s can’t hang with me no racist lynchin’ They better off tryna pray repentin’ they was Christian I race the distance me winnin' is a safe prediction My game is sold while ya game is given pay attention To blind ni***s can’t explain the vision Lo rugby with the grey-ish stitchin’ Waves is spinnin’ My music played while they wraith was driven playas listen I age like wine y’all age like Caucasian women Uh And You ain’t even my mans Get of the meat in my pants Defeat ya clan with the strength in my hands For me to speak I need three to five bands I need that green in my hands The head of tables in the meetings I stand The reason I am Prestigious is the genius I have Esteemed in my class These rappers can’t compete with my ass Gardeners express all the snakes that they seen in my grass From all The places that I’ve seen in my past From Europe, Malaysia the Middle East have seen what I’ve had They can tell you about the raps I used to squeeze in my pad The schemes that I brag Was Better den-im genes and my swag Got women with the same features that they seen in my Dad Hustlers movements Krush Grooves like Russell was doin’ Muscles protrudin’ against me they accustomed to losin’ Puffin’ a Cuban while painted nails unbutton the suit and Ni*** I’m the real thing you is just an illusion Bustin and shootin’ My hit man was trusted to do it Runnin’ and movin’ I saw niggas scuffin’ the Ewing’s I heard ya music but i wasn’t influenced Ya flow need a dozen improvements But it doesn’t improve Bitch
Brushin’ wave patterns Got chains like slaves captured I rock the Jordan 4s with the paint splatter Put the axe on ya chest you’ll look like an Atlanta Braves batter Cries from women and blood cane after Been rappin’ since Jay and Dame was givin’ chains to rappers I’ll be doing my thang til my name hang in the rafters Champagne and laughter My slang is mastered Got verses like Galatians chapters Switch the game like LeBron James going to train for the Packers Against me they gone lose like The Warriors when they played the Raptors These famous crackers take ya masters and get a place in Alaska Ni**** still sneak diss but evasive to @ ya I’m takin' steak from the platter Shrimps and Cajun batter I raise the glass up while horses grazing the Pasteur We always keep a smile like the face of Santa Uhhh I’m on the grind like a thick strippers day in Atlanta I don’t need ya olive branch just olives to snack Dollahs to stack inside a wallet that’s black Deposit a rack and make sure my pockets is fat And make sure my pockets is fat Yo Yo my ni*** this is some stylish shit I’m spittin’ Islamic documents on the Gaza Strip You just a pile of shit Stop the shit You not a God or a prophet I’m Elijah Muhammad with Qurans in his pocket Diamonds in watches my shit is track 5 on The Chronic Truthful lines lie in the sonnet no line is dishonest Talk is cheap I took a vow of silence but you know fly shit you I talk it fluent My fours black and yellow like a Boston Bruin You bitches is Lara Croft lost in ruin Im tryna hang a cross on my Cuban Cop a loft off the music You know we the bomb I never came phony with mine That’s why they quote me like the Holy Quaran You not the rap messiah more like ant Jemnimah with a fat vagina I’m in the whip wit a bag of ganja bumpin’ Cappadonna Ya girl get tapped like a lager You ni**** just rap Pirrhana I open the safe Tryna cop some coastal estates Anything besides local is great I drove in the Wraith Blowin’ a eighth Under the rag is ocean waves Got chains like a boat-full of slaves I’m gettin’ paid for what I wrote in my days I blow notes like Michael Bolton on stage Fendi shades made with opal and jade I don’t need ya olive branch just olives to snack Dollahs to stack inside a wallet that’s black Deposit a rack and make sure my pockets is fat And make sure my pockets is fat
They love me to death my rugby is Guess Or Polo Jeans Company crest I Bust the stupid dope moves like Chucky in Fresh Or Nas in the Lex God in the flesh no plane tickets but we hoppin’ in jets Trips to the west or in New York spittin’ for Flex Or my account on the the line like they sent you a check When you do it this good they gone give you respect But you can’t wrap ya head around it like how Hindus would dress Oh you got jokes I’m not laughin' My fragrance is Bond Number 9 Hamptons Fendi eye glasses fly rappin’ Flow got her booty and the thighs clappin’ Spy cameras on the side of the mansion My chakras is balanced Popular fashion Model the jacket as yak get swallowed from glasses I can teach you how to rap just apply for the classes Lob passes when I arrive to the basket Eastern conference draft pick Like Pete Mavarich Horses on the shirt like I play for the Mavericks Life After Death cover pull up with ya casket Bred 4s with the Nike Air on the back bitch Durabuck the primary fabric Money well managed Open up the safe with my hand print Converse with the plug well versed with the Spanish If they want war tell them rappers we can have it Shots from the gun made ya grandma panic It was too late when you ran for ya ratchet Kink in ya armor and ya man took damage Zip ya body bag like my Nautica Challenge When I’m on a song women fond of the talent Lawn and the hammock Dark in the chalice 20 foot dogs guard the walls of the place Rico walkin’ off with the hard in the baggage When I leave ain’t no cops or no badges When you talkin' cash shit make flossin' a habit The art of this art shit is part of the tactics You niggas just started my art is established I got it out the dirt like some parsnips and radish If i ain’t makin' money from the show then I’m absent I need my money green like absinth what’s happenin’? Fly Bonita’s lie beneath us Imma keeper Air Jordan 5 the sneaker Grind the reefer I got numbers like inside a beeper I got numbers like inside a beeper
Hundred dollar bills with the stripes like Adidas sweats You n***** little Indians Im chief exec Stash bags of green like a weed connect Live at the barbecue like Zebra Head Always on the field like Derek Jeter leg Grilled chicken lettuce tomato sit on the pita bread Y’all saw me rockin’ dunks it made you wanna be sneaker heads I keep the bread To none of you n***** I never need to beg You n***** ain’t rappers y’all kings of comedy like Steve and Ced For the fur on my back I waited for some sheep to shed I’m cold like the time of year the leaves are red Wire Cartier’s but I don’t speak to feds Ving Rhaymes in the kitchen cookin' yo momma them seasoned eggs In my city they treat triggers like pimples because they squeeze at heads Til they see em dead Real shit n**** Uh I’m Witty as Odysseus I’m like Achilles in the Iliad N***** idiots See ya flaws through these Fendi tints you Hideous You penny pinch I grind til my business is the busiest The jiggiest Rock buckets with the crizzy stitched Really drippy shit Spit illy over gritty flips Semi grip Tables ladder and chairs No Tionne Lisa or Chilli shit 20 clips Enemies get For givin' me lip Italy trips Hennessy sipped Go back and forth like 50 and Kiss Fuck your top 50 give me the list Battle them all to see who really the shit N**** Semi Six Uhhhh Talk is cheap my silence is golden Heat up the game like climate controllin’ I’m controllin’ Got waves like Posiden the trident I’m holdin’ Excitin’ moments every verse is like Bible quotin’ Been said I was the truth And not a lie was spoken Still cold like July in Poland Vagina soakin’ She nude tryna find her clothin’ Stop the jokin’ I move like a school of fish inside the ocean Almost 10 years of rappin’ Man we gotta toast it Still hot like the pot that ya ramen float in Closed mouths don’t get fed n**** mine was open Design a opus like designer clothin’ Models posin’ all they faces hard as cobble-stoning Cock the chrome and topple opponents Rock Lo that Aeropostale I don’t condone it Or promote it The flows I compose then bestow it You n***** captain save a hoes I’m never heroic No hesitant motion confident rhetoric chosen These n***** ain’t my bros these n***** is rodents Take the stand against the team you gettin’ demoted Tie bricks around your 4s and thrown in the ocean Off the boat and the boat don’t require rowin’ Stay fly like a fleet of Boeing’s Seize the moment eat the bones of the weak opponents No need for condolence These are just the dreams of a poet like Jay Z I don’t lease I just own it
Uh Sport the taper Everything tailor made Lord & Taylor Elephant print on the shoes Exclude the gator The food was catered The food on my spoon is flavored Drew the razor Take off a tooth and finger Excuse the anger Brush the fur remove the hanger Flew to Asia Soft kisses blew to Layna Tom Ford suit and blazer Euthanasia Shoot the banger Me and Sy in the coupe with paper Uh From the sky box we viewed the Lakers (What else ) All my n***** is movers and shakers In the future I’ll be viewed as a savior Use the booth as a chamber (why) Tell em that it’s human nature I’m baby Jesus layin’ cute in the manger I’m in tune with the maker I need a home with a mule and the acres Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows I got different taste and I ain’t talkin' lemon cake I need a bigger living space with a Benz and Wraith Behind Picasso’s is a hidden safe forget a bank We sippin’ Ace me and my girl is like BIG and Faith Gettin’ big from liftin’ weights n**** get in shape My arms around my misses waist this is feelin’ great N***** sit and hate my henchmen hit em in the face N***** is snakes I’m Snake Plisken in Escape The black Kurt Russell my n***** just rap and hustle Flex the back of the muscle hundreds packed in a duffel Try to grab and get slammed in the rubble you askin’ for trouble I’m Rambo in the African jungle Masculine knuckle get balled up for action to tussle We planned in huddle Quarterback was tackled to fumble You know the type that Bo Jackson would crumble I’m just tryna get paid and have the baggage get doubled Sit back and own the whole Royal Palace Of Brussels Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows You might see me whippin' that Rolls 100 spokes on Plymouth road And my cards I’ll never fold Imma always go for the gold Imma player like Derrick Rose You a player like Eric Snow N***** hatin' because they broke And all they money comin' slow Just like Biggie I love the dough And I’m always tryna make more Everyday I be rockin Lo My fit drippin’ like water hose I suggest you keep yo mouth closed For the money hoes and clothes Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows Uh This the life we chose Money hoes and clothes all a n**** knows
My private place is like the size of a snake The condom break turn vagina to lake It’s late sippin' wine wit my bae This kinda vibe you gotta find in the crates Grated cheese inside of the safe The bullet case hit the side of ya face You mad as hell I Smash the tail on a Mademoiselle she bad as hell pass her the L N***** see us together and they get mad as hell But fuck em they jewelry got they neck lookin' like grass and kale I’m on a wave my name flap on a sail Ivy League students when I drop em they Yale You lil n***** saved by the bell We wasn’t raised the same I can tell I’m at the round table raisin’ my grail Cold hearted spittin' flames outta hell Uh It’s only for live n***** Westside n***** When it’s all said and done who gone ride wit us Uh Still on that Don shit 12 car garages 18 karat faucets Before I won took a lot of loses Blocked the offense A lot of artist content garbage Im the hardest My fur came from out the forest The pear tree with the partridge My bond is the strongest My flight to Milan departed Walk you through the flow like Moses when the ocean parted The Rolls color garlic The chauffeur was told to park it I plucked the rose from out the garden The gold on ya rope is tarnished Stroke hoes on the carpet Load the cartridge Ya soul flown from ya carcass What’s goin' on like Marvin My skin is carbon My fist on ya chin was hardened The price of the Benz was bargained Turn men to targets if I feel insulted Still on that Don shit
I bear arms to get the lions share You count sheep I’m southeast down in south beach Crocodile sneaks Ralph Fleece Cross on the Cuban in like a devout priest you sound weak Its a thou for every vowel out my mouthpiece They played ya album I was knocked out sleep Gettin' z’s I spit literature til temperatures freeze Independent I ain’t splitting the cheese You dick suckas get a minute to breathe Uh You a slob I’m he who ascends word to God when it comes to these kids I won’t spare the rod The Benjamin's rise me and my men meant for the job We just tryna keep the business alive Businessmen mind I need every red cent if it’s mine The signature signed I watch my legal tender incline Uh My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt Uh My tears is vodka I’m here to prosper Stay driven like Sicilian mobsters Thank God I never had an unemployment check A lot of n***** front but they know the boy is fresh Extra large Polo rugby’s with embroidered crests You a fan sit back n**** enjoy the set Never settlin’ the owner of the company is melanin Assistants do the schedulin’ Bodyguards do the threatenin’ Carry lead like Zepplin Shots from the weapon left em deafen Questions in therapy sessions For post traumatic stressin’ Viewers discretion I chew the flesh of the rappers that dudes impressed with Blood drunk while the food ingested Came to my senses once the moon crested On my hip the tool tested jackets double breasted Doubled my investment I’m near the pool in my residence Uh My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt My inheritance is in the earth Get it out the mud get it out the dirt
Tinted buffs expensive tux scent Egyptian musk Grip the cuff of women’s butts they dig it when it’s rough Did it big like BIG and Puff before they hit his truck Bum rapper I took some cents and put it In his cup Black and white Ndestruks or the Pippen ups They on our dick and nuts in hopes to try to spit with us They didn’t lift enough they wasn’t in the gym with us You can’t do shit with us my n***** don’t extend the love We just extend the snub hand covered with a glove The Super Sonics with the Glove Michael Jordan shrug My n**** hit the bud like Tyson when he in the gloves Never wore the Lugz Or the Uggs Before I came back to the city I had a foreign buzz Stop the snorin’ blood I’m tryna pull a foreign up Uh And peel off like an orange does They pour love when I perform in the club Uh My existence is nothing less of an enigma my n**** Keep negating my talents and Imma have to get witcha There’s false prophets making their way to ya pockets Copying our culture and putting it up for auction Controversy’s my middle name, I’m in the game Like EA sponsored the kid to pick & roll right thru the lane Local profits ain’t enough, I need that capital gain No jurisdiction restrictions cause the world is my domain My life is quite the unorthodox paradox While fighting the power in my patent leather pair of Doc Martens I beg ya pardon, Imma bring the funk until the day of my worldly departure Got enough drip to fill a whole pitcher, no selfies All that hate in yo heart clogging ya arteries it’s unhealthy My windbreaker’s the color of Grey Poupon It’s crunch time for the bread again like croutons AS OF LATE, RAP IS MAKING ME BORED NIGGAS ONLY THINK I’M SWEET BECAUSE I DRESSED AS AN ORANGE I’M EITHER HATED OR LAUDED FOR MY PERFORMANCE I JUST PRAY THE PROGRESS ISN’T DORMANT I’M NOT OF THE NORM, SPORTEE PARIAH BUT HE’S BUILT TO TRIUMPH OUT THE WAY, I’M A HERMIT BUT THESE NIGGAS HEARD ME AND BITCHES THIRSTY, THEY THINK I’M ON SOME LUXURY SHIT AND GOT THE CHIPS TO BUILD A NURSERY WITH TIL I PULL UP WITH THE EQUINOX WHIP, THAT’S WHEN THEIR INTEREST’LL SHIFT CUZ THEY NEVER SEEN A HUMBLE RAPPER RIDING LIKE THIS I’M SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOME DIAMONDS BUSSIN IGNORANT AND DM’S FULL OF HOES WHO WANT TO SLEEP WITH ME TO LEAVE WITH ‘EM AND 9 TIMES OUT OF TEN, IF YOU SEE ME, I’M BUMMIN’ NOT FOND OF DISCUSSION, DEAD RAPPERS FOUND IN MY CUPBOARD THE BULL, I’M ABOVE IT, TRYNA CATCH A BUZZ ON MY MULLIN THAT’S PEACE TO FOLARIN, I DON’T LIKE TO CUT ANY CORNERS THESE NIGGAS IS CORNY
Im astonishing in traffic tryna drive a Benz Cartier Giverny’s with the copper lense it’s opulence Wakandan Prince When I was born 3 men on camels arrived with gifts My name was written in the pyramid hieroglyphs Im the shit Dickin’ vagina lips You rap novices go bite a rhyme to spit Fuck a social ladder I’ll kick it down while you climbin' it Tryna get the love Big Poppa get when he bouta spit Or Dr Dre when the Chronic hit So Let Me Ride cuz it’s Nothin’ But A G Thang The Ralph Lauren polo wit the P Wing And Greek motif link chain My meat in a peach I’m deep wit the speech a starvin' artist sink my teeth into beats The rap Nosferatu Me and my girl is like Nas and Badu N***** can rhyme but not as fly as I do Uh Inside the wave like Isaac Hayes designer shades diamond chains drivin’ a topless Saab in the widest lanes Drop a flame Rap Jesus Shuttlesworth I got the game Drive the lane crossover and Roc Fellas like Ta and Dame This ain’t rap these are Hardwood Classics Every line golden and jewelry tests my bars would pass it 24 karats with Bruno Mars singin’ the chorus I’m Osiris Lavish is Isis our son would be Horus Vintage adornments Ya new album is sittin' in storage The fur on my jacket a rabbit that could live in the forest It’s part of the fly-ness Rockin' Air Jordan 5s never walked in no fly knits so call me ya highness I’m feelin’ like Mansa Musa in Mali I’ll Kama Sutra ya body off lots of Buddha and sake Sexual Healin’ playin' in the back ground Rappers be lost Until I hit they jaw and it make a map sound The arms on my glasses Havana brown In Havana with a bag of loud No amateur style when I rap to the crowd Ready for war like an African child Imma one man army Buffalo tusks arms on the Carti's bread and cheese over beef but we don’t eat at Arby’s Be at the bank we don’t be at party’s Makin’ deposits it all came from chasin’ profit BAPE in the closet These fake n***** hatin’ in silence They snakes in disguises I’m bout to vacate in the islands I’m greatest of all time so I stay on the climb Stay on the grind My lady feed me grapes on a vine I’m the rapper that they bow to when they pray in the shrine My cadence and rhyme Made wit the ancient design You anus I’m out in Vegas sippin ‘ cases of wine over the phone with Nas and Jay on the line Uh They tellin’ me I’m the goat of rap spittin' the coldest raps on the throne just like Jehoshaphat The penmanship sick Fitted's get tipped cuz what I’m spittin' is lit So crowd around me like a fire in late winter Everything that glitter ain’t gold like ya chain n**** Paint pictures That hang on the walls of vaginas N***** bite like the jaws of Pirhanna Lip gloss on the collar Imma boss I got the sauce like lasagna
N***** get overwhelmed by my godliness Versace Kicks Been rockin Tommy fits since I was prolly six Selassie shit All you hear is mashallalh when ahqi spit Walahi it’s lit Sake get sipped A bomb near ya property tick Fatherly shit We came outta of poverty quick Uh I spit the illest shit my penmanship Extended clips I finish the dish its lemon with fish John Lennon lenses and indica lit I’m Craig you Deebo at the end of a brick Denim fits over the ligaments My soldiers militants is imminent You n***** is irritants Ya bullet wounds burn a bit Send ya soul through the firmament You n***** ain’t fortunate Ya girl hangin’ off of my wood just like a ornament I Slide through the orifice My girl give a mornin’ kiss Smooth as orange skin Money in storage's You n***** gettin' shortages Foreign trips Praise me like Kemet did Horus bitch
These rappers laughable like a Tiffany Haddish show You know who the champ is bro This warriors vs raptors flow Turn ya lil wave to some sand where the cactus grow and snap ya throat And the Raps you wrote n***** lack to promote I’m Mayweather jabbin’ while ya back to the rope Collapse to the floor No match for the goat You Action I’m Ghost Ya casket is closed Fly n**** from the hat the soles The glasses and clothes attracting the hoes Im fashionable like African gold Whip rappers like masters or some crack on the stove You panicked and froze I’m bad to the bone Leave rappin’ alone I’m like a Stockton pass to Malone I sat in throne And answered the Pope in a palace in Rome *Phone call with the pope* I ain’t new to this You bite the lines like tuna fish and chew the shit like Gordon Ramsey threw a dish You Popeyes I’m Ruths Chris Threw a fist at ya tooth and ribs Don’t disrespect me in this music biz You know what I do to kids (You know) Just think what KRS had to do to the bridge And what the Juice Crew had to do to just live I still eat rappers like food in the fridge Imma student of a Pac a student of BIG Got six shots but I’ll put two in ya wig I chase rappers in a Jason mask hit em with a blade and stab Six feet beneath blades of grass is where they lay ya ass And when I’m done with you ain’t no DJ gone wanna play ya trash Subtracting wack artists is just some basic math Show you how to get a better grade if you take a class face the wrath I’ll be the hands that drown you when take a bath Put rappers to sleep no weed naps No multiple choice when I put lead In letter D hats Squeeze back 40s and 9s put you on knee cap Still put roses on rappers Big Boi and 3 stacks In this game you n***** my son Phoenix with Steve Nash Three jabs turn ya skin color jersey Kareem had
Baby my watch band is anaconda My Mexican bitch whippin' up the carne asada I got a new toy I call that bitch the dolly llama I be eating prime n proper while you swallow yo saliva I’m eating chicken Marsala pasta Mmm You fuck n***** going out like Marsellus Wallace I'm in a pair of Pumas flyer than a parachuter No bodyguard cause me and Semi a pair of shooters And I don't keep it at home just to scare intruders I walk around with that bitch like I’m Larry Hoover Luxury sedan commuter The paint off white like sand in Bermuda I order a White Russian with Kahula while you ni**as smoking hookah Conversations with my jeweler Told em I want my ring icy like a mint julep I’m Payton Manning and you Andrew Luck Ni**a I’m too up What Uh All My ni**as tryna win The band on my watch is made from anaconda skin Try to grab I hit the side of ya chin Diamonds n gems Get money Chris Wallace n Kim (Get money ) Uh All My ni**as tryna win The band on my watch is made from anaconda skin Try to grab I hit the side of ya chin Diamonds n gems Get money Chris Wallace n Kim (Get Money) Uh My watch band is anaconda I’m baggin' up dollars at the Ramada pass the ganja Glass of vodka I flew first class to Wakanda wit my momma just to chop it up with T’Challa My glasses designer Took classes to master my prana word to MJB No more drama I’m assertive You wordless My inner fire burn like a furnace bullets hittin' ya car like bird shit The blood of Jesus cover my epidermis ya threat is worthless My verses get heard through electric circuits I put rappers in a neck brace The successor yellin' check mate Big Mac on ya chest plate Word to Spit Shine my niggas is Hausa and Igbo I’m bumpin' CSF Revo on the leelow I ride around like Juan Temido Y’all ain’t gettin' bread diet keto I'll do you like Em did Benzino Uh All My ni**as tryna win The band on my watch is made from anaconda skin Try to grab I hit the side of ya chin Diamonds n gems Get money Chris Wallace n Kim (Get money ) Uh All My ni**as tryna win The band on my watch is made from anaconda skin Try to grab I hit the side of ya chin Diamonds n gems Get money Chris Wallace n Kim (Get Money)
NWA in This NWO Hustle and flow Lift til the muscle is swole Knuckles and bone Pockets got a stomach and rolls Abundance of dough Tucked in my humble abode To private planes all our luggage is rolled Im clutchin’ a rose Presumptuous pose Gluttonous quotes Cuban links encrusted in gold Touchin' it is punishable A musket explode Or you get punched in the nose Uh All my n***** is business owners Rich personas sip Coronas what I spit is polar Chicken holder My shoes got the skin of cobra Hit the homer The illest spitters in the culture Nasir and Hova You sour like a lemon soda Tinted Rovers Tip the chauffeurs This composure My cup spilleth over a gift from Jehova Jireh Fly like the food of a spider The suit is designer Watanbe Junya attire Cute and admired Truth to a liar Resurrect from what Judas conspired The loot is acquired from music and buyers Grind til the loot is acquired Restless nights Fresh dripped in guess and Nike’s As Blessed as Christ It’s time to shine like Pateks with ice The Lexus white God body Flex the might On the prize where we set the sights Uh NWA IN THIS NWO HUSTLE AND FLOW LIFT TIL THE MUSCLE IS SWOLE HE WHO ASCENDS BUSSIN’ THE Flow YOU IN THE Front OF THE ROW YOU RUN THE BLOCK MAN WE RUNNIN' THE GLOBE Uh I ain’t one of these colorful dread heads takin' pills I sat on the balcony blew and eighth chilled Prayers was said before we ate the meal Paid for the bill in hundred dollar bills Fly women in heels peeped the skills Now they head over hills A lotta Gold spokes inside the wheels Gold ropes and diamond grills Address me as el jefe My jacket Pelle Pelle The shades Gianfranco Ferre I’m coppin' condos in L.A or south beach I’m talkin' Casa Casaurina I be locked inside the speaker On the constant I’m droppin' heaters Me and my boo is like the new Solomon and Sheba N***** is Judas I won’t turn the other cheek bruh Peep the finger I’m married to the game I’m no fornicator My tree green and orange just like a Florida Gator Imma force of nature like Schwartzenager for foreign paper I be tourin' Asia courtin’ geishas All of this came from prayin’ towards the savior We out in Bali by the pool I’m smooth as Marcos Valle with the groove My suit color mahogany and blue Like Quincy Jones I gotta be the dude The perfect style like Thirstin Howl rockin’ horses on rugbys with stripes The lovliest nights Money and dice Bubbly and ice It must be the life Because my past is ugly and trife It’s beautiful now Under the stars views of the Nile The moon in the clouds Im on stage movin' the crowd While you wack artist doin' what you gotta do to get down like ridin’ rapper dick I ain’t playin' them games like Colin Kapernick Back against the ropes but I’m throwin’ them Cassius Clay hands Vintage Fendi frames on my face No average Ray Bans All I see is green like a game with Michigan State fans My french fragrance enchant women to make some date plans They black Nubian Imma Mack as in Max Julien Tappin’ fat African gluteus Maximus The gladiator whip the Caddy like a Cali player alligator jacket with the hat Yea I had these tailored Stylish Stylistics on the vinyl spin We carry 45's like dollar bins Oils squeezed from olives dropped inside my skin Presidential Rollie’s Treat us like Michelle and barrack Obama then
This shit is beauty Expensive jewelry got the grip on the biggest booty Sit in jacuzzis til my skin is pruny Uh Hit ya kufi ditch the tooly then I exit smoothly N***** sayin they the best gotta be more specific I’m 5 mics in the Source these n***** force a gimmick Gorgeous women sure to listen when the cork is twisted Lord as witness my lifestyle you to poor to live it Horses ridden near the North Pacific I’m headin towards the finish my torso tore the ribbons like swords of liquid I’m here for the pleasure or the business The torch was given right before the sports in the olympics Uh Im Luca Brazi in some new Versace’s I Shoot the shotty I don’t do karate My view Godly got Buddha by me My boo foxy like Uzumaki She out here lookin like the new Ashanti I’m stacking cheese half my wardrobe is Japanese I grab the keys what’s on my dash you can’t match the speed Its like a Rip Hamilton pass to Rasheed You wrappin’ weed in some cancerous leaves I Splash my jacket with Creed I don’t rap until the transfer received Spit verses that the pastor would read Gold chains never African beads got the same blood that Africans bleed I’m gettin interviewed by Angela Yee Uh This the game and they can’t control me My mind scarred like the face of Tony We never say we hungry we far from the days when we ate balogni I serve revenge on the plate and I gave it coldly All this money I gotta to make it homie Uh It’s like I got a yamulcha and Star of David on me Front like it’s love behind my back they hatin’ on me We fly south to vacate when it’s snowy Gangstas only Give praise to the holy Take the trophy Wack n***** stay below me Uh Zamundan King Not a human bieng Thousand dollar boots and jeans Kneel and kiss the jewels in the ring Blow the same notes that Luther would sing Send the bill for my suit to get cleaned Live realities that we used to dream And My girl got a Hell of a body she gettin’ styled by Donatello Vercase Sip Armaretta with ahqi walahi I’m appealing like Cosby And I ain’t on the block dealin’ some molly It’s venom inside me You wishin to dodge me But my wit is quick as Ali throwin’ fists to ya body I’m disciplined, cocky Alot of n***** quick to remind me Uh Plus the denim raw Polo or the Benetton Fly shit I give it off Kobe Bryant wit the ball I ain’t gone miss at all If you stand for nothin for anything you’ll be quick to fall This ain’t really meant for y’all How y’all n***** get to talk Crab ass rappers I give them n***** a pinch of salt Dip em in the dippin sauce N***** know the end result Jamaican bitches assassinate you when you in the dark Get the shit that’s in the vault brand new Benzes bought Everything you spit is soft When I hear it switch it off Slam on these n***** like Dominique when he wit the Hawks Isaiah with the Pistons dawg This is from a different cloth This shit isn’t in the mall Hats n***** tip it off I won’t take no minutes off Im in it til the finish dawg Fuck a friendship I’m only in it for business dog I ain’t got no Label no manager independent dawg See these wack n***** name on the bill I rip it off My style n***** bit it off When they ask for the best I’ll never think to mention y’all Y’all spit it piti-fall (pitiful) Ya chick is on my dick n balls She love when the dick involved Shake it like Mystikal Alcohol get sipped in straws Appetizers shrimps n sauce I was just enjoying life so sorry if I missed ya call
They don’t got sense, just pocket lint Ain’t no 80/20 I get a 100 Of my percent All I see is green like a pair of yay's with the olive tint Gettin compliments with my collar flipped I’m inside the whip I’m just chasin the paper Half moon Waves with the taper I’m feelin like James with the Lakers Gettin this cake My jacket made of lizard and snake business is great I laugh as I exit the bank UH Flows spillin hoes chillin sippin cold liquids Imma go get it the fruits of my labor prolific Park Orange Hot The Coronation cold blizzard Bullshittin with the mic til I’m an old wizard Im either rockin Nike Air , or likely a tux Cool Kids like Mikey and Chuck icy as fuck N***** in goose downs might need to duck claimin they killas but niggas don’t strike me as such What You either spendin' money or you gettin' paid You either sheddin’ light or you in the shade Walking above ground or you in a grave You either in ya lane or you in my way You a follower Stay behind a leader I’m wise like my age is beyond a senior maybe I can teach ya Play me out ya speaker No Baby moma neither just me n Adriana Lima tastin wine In Giza I’m enigmatic expensive fabrics the Benz is matted pennin' classics through some tented glasses i could shift the planet Bring it back to the golden age yea imma try I’m somethin like Nas and Ka Amun Ra in the sky Egyptian or Israelite imma try to decide But I know Yeshua would shed tear from out of his eyes And my alignment wit God is not a surprise Cuz Satan tries to hide in disguise and plot ya demise So watch for the signs Also the snakes in the garden These new rappers can’t rap and the rate is alarmin’ They just get into the game to rape it and harm it While I wear it on my sleeve like the sacredest garment That’s why I gotta pop these kids like Drake did Adonis And imma take rap back I’m makin a promise You eitha spendin' money or you gettin' paid You either sheddin’ light or you in the shade Walking above ground or you in a grave You either in ya lane or you in my way You eitha spendin' money or you gettin' paid You either sheddin’ light or you in the shade Walking above ground or you in a grave You either in ya lane or you in my way


Using the translation of his legal first name for his album title "He Who Ascends", Semi displays years of channeled rap energy for his debut LP. From the neighborhoods of Detroit's west side, this 28 year old emcee brings us rap nostalgia from the 90's golden era but with a current and modern touch. 
  Exquisite penmanship with every scheme and flawless technique in every bar, Semi shows us that he is a torch bearer for the new generation of lyrical rappers and Hip Hop heads. He Who Ascends is the mastery of Semi Six thus far, lyrically and musically. He  strives to be rated among the classic albums such as Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" , Nas' "It Was Written", Roc Marciano's "Reloaded" and Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele". 
   With production from Detroit's own : 5ynoT, Don Kutta , Ashton Woods, Pig Pen, Aye Real, Brando Heat, Gulley, Vision 89 and features from Nolan The Ninja, Crimson Alchemist and Ang, Semi gives you his city, Detroit, at its greatest and top tier levels of his peer group.  

 Semi's philosophy behind He Who Ascends, and what he wants his listeners to take away from his debut LP is to stay fly, keep climbing to new heights, stay above the b.s, get money and have knowledge of self. 
Released 8/7/2020

Executive producers Semi Six & DX The Flex
Recorded, mixed & mastered by DX The Flex in Battle Creek, MI
Selassie Shit recorded by Gulley in Detroit, MI
He Who Ascends. Get Money. Stay Fly.


released August 7, 2020


all rights reserved



Semi Six Detroit, Michigan

He Who Ascends

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